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About Quench Parameter

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    Could anybody tell me what is so called Quench Parameter ?
    And where is that parameter applys into?
    Thanks a lot!!
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    The word "quench" (verb or noun) is now used to describe a section of superconducting current-carrying wire or cable that goes normal (loses its superconducting quality and becomes resistive). Initially it was used to describe the rapid cooling of materials such as red-hot steel in water to harden it.
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    thanks a lot!
    so Quench Parameter in Nuclear physic means the decrease of peak curve?
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    I guess the term "quench" could also be applied to a reactor, when the control rods are pushed in and the reactor goes subcritical.

    A reactor can also be shut down by an excess of certain elements like xenon gas, which has a large thermal neutron cross section. Xenon, which builds up in the fuel as it is consumed, is somtimes referrred to as a "poison" in reactors.
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