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About Schwarzschild Solution

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    From the Schwarzschild solution.This solution has two singularities,one at r = 0 and one at r = 2M.I have a questions
    1.Every Mass has these singularities ?
    2.For singularity at r = 0 it is the center of mass ?
    thank you
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    1. No mass has these singularities. If the mass were to contract inside the r=2M boundary, a black-hole is formed ( it is postulated), in which case there is a singularity at r=0. The apparent one at r=2M may be transformed away with a change of coordinates. In the case of the Earth, say, the actual radius is much greater than 2M and the Schwarzschild metric describes the field outside the matter.

    2. The interior Schwarzschild metric describes the field inside the matter, and it does not have a singularity a r=0.
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