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About square root

  1. Apr 22, 2015 #1
    hi guys
    i know all square root and any root(cubic......) rules

    my question is:
    is there any rules for this sqrt(x+y)
    or sqrd(x-y)??

    any help please??
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    No, there is no way to simplify a square root (or other root) of a sum or difference.

    It's simply a case of "multiplication and addition do not play well together!"
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    Yes of course.
    Yesterday i was searching about this(sqrt(x+y)),i found nothing.
    you are right there is no rule for this sqrt(x+y)
    thanks for help friend.
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    You should be aware that there are restrictions on x and y; namely, both must be nonnegative. I.e., x ≥ 0 and y ≥ 0. Without these restrictions you get nonsense like ##1 = \sqrt{1} = \sqrt{-1 * -1} = \sqrt{-1} * \sqrt{-1} = i * i = -1##
    There are restrictions here, as well, with x ≥ 0 and y > 0.
    Not true. For example, if x = -4, then ##\sqrt{-(-4)} = \sqrt{4} = 2##. ##i\sqrt{-4} = i * (2i) = 2i^2 = -2##.
    Here you seem to be tacitly assuming that -x will be negative, which is not true in general.
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    Friend:i know all the rules you wrote.
    i was too busy to write them all(in my question).
    But if you really want to help me,find a rule for this sqrt(x+y).
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    Forgive me!, i was busy and hurry.
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    There is no such rule.

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    You are right.
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    That helps.
    thank you for help,i will read it later!!
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