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About steam generators

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    hi every one ,

    I need an information about the development of steam generator technology in nuclear power plants . please suggest me some websites or textbooks for reference .
    thank you in advance .
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    What have you found in your searching so far? It would seem that there would be a lot of detailed information available that you could find with a Google search, no? :smile:
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    Yeah i found information about steam generators . Like how it work ,different types of steam generators,materials used for it ,about U-tubes,issues ,degradation and some more details . Actually iam looking for the development of steam generators from generation -1 to generation -4.
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    One can find information on steam generators from the IAEA

    http://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/publications/PDF/te_981_prn.pdf (1997)
    http://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/Publications/PDF/TE_1668_web.pdf (2011 update)

    B&W adopted so-called Once-Through Steam Generators (PTSG), while Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering (CE) adopted recirculating or U-tube steam generators.

    The material of choice for the tubing was Inconel 600, but it was found that the alloy was particularly susceptible to IGSCC and Ni-dissolution. Siemens favored Incoloy 800, and modern steam generators use either Incoloy 800 or Inconel 690, with a reduced proportion of Ni. Heat treatment is another important characteristic in addition to composition and fabrication methods.

    Somewhat related but of importance these days are passive heat removal systems.

    EPRI has published The Steam Generator Reference Book, Revision 1 (~50 MB)
    Look at www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1021/ and find ML102180302.pdf (use safe target as)
    Downloading can be slow.
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    Thank you very much for giving me links and details .
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    I once saw an old study done by C-E looking at all kinds of potential SG configurations: horizontal, vertical, U-tube, once-through, cylindrical, spherical, integral steam drum, remote steam drum, downcomer on the circumference, downcomer down the centerline, etc. etc. Ability to fabricate is a big factor. The typical designs we see today (vertical U-tube and vertical once-through) weren't just the first thing that popped into their minds. Unfortunately this kind of design study is still proprietary, trade secret stuff.
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    Thank you very much for your reply. please could you send me the link or information about the study done by C-E.
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