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About taking up physics

  1. Jan 25, 2015 #1
    Hi, I am at University studying some languages and I study some others at home by myself. But physics seems very appealing to me and I would really appreciate if someone could make me a little walkthrough of what I should study from my point to the highest point (I know it is way far off but still I like to have definite paths in front of me).
    Something like, I do not know, logarithms->algebra->classical laws ->lagrangians->hamiltonians
    Some info... I studied physics, chemistry and maths until age 18, so my math got stuck at 2nd grade equations and logarithms. About physics, I studied photoelectric effect, some simple gravitational problem and I don't know how it is said in English but they were problems about throwing an object and calculating its speed, height, force...
    Bottom line, I would start nearly from zero but with the correct books and my hunger of knowledge I can get it going. Any help will be appreaciated and if anybody would like to enlighten me with what things to study or what others can be learned as you go on are very welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    There's no highest point. It just branches out into lots of different subjects, like a tree, so it really depends on what you want to do.

    Here's one possible set of guidelines:

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