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About the gravity wave measurement

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    Hi, here is my thinking about the gravity wave measurement. Could we actually measure something relative?

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    An alternating EM field will not change the laser light.
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    Yes that is truth. But I am wondering if a force that is very strong, could it change the space but does not change the laser or light? like squeeze it or extend it.

    Because for the gravity, it just a kind of force.
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    In the extreme, the EM field has a mass and therefor gravity. And of course, it would warp space as gravity does. But unless you EM field is powered by fusion bombs, your body would cause more space warping than that EM field.

    Also, the EM field could be so intense that the it affected the performance of the laser device itself - and thereby affect the laser beam. But that would be a technical shielding problem.
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    That is great point, thank you.
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