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About the "PARTNERS" page.

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    I was just browsing through PF when I came across the "PARTNERS" page (https://www.physicsforums.com/partners.php [Broken]) provided at the bottom (along with Terms of Service, Privacy etc.)

    And I have certain issues to mention about that page:

    1. I think this line has a typing mistake -
    2. Is the Scientific American offer still valid? If so, where is the link to get the charge reduced subscription? (The link provided there just points to the main siam site)

    3. I know that the educator.com offer is going on now. Because I saw that as a notification on top of the PF home page. But shouldn't that link also be in this page (perhaps with log-in only access)? The link provided there just points to educator.com main site.

    (Also if someone mistakenly closes the educator.com offer notification box, how can they find the link again?)

    4. In the same page, under the heading "Social Media Connections", only the official Twitter link is provided. The Google+ link never points to the Google plus page of PF, rather it's just a share button. Also link to PF Facebook and LinkedIn pages are missing. Shouldn't those be there too?
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    https://www.physicsforums.com/payments.php [Broken]
    The information here ^ is also not valid anymore.
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    1. Thanks

    2. Here is the link, pretty sure it still works

    3. Go back to the PF education forums and a new link will be generated

    4. Thanks
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