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About The Standard Of Valve

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    I have a question.

    Glove Valve

    PN16, JIS10k , ANSI 150#, AMSE, all they equal same, in withstand the steam pressure?

    I heard RN16 stand for 16bar pressure, but it's for steam too?

    I'm confuse..

    million thanks if anyone would teach me please.
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    PN16 is a lower rating than ANSI 150#. JIS10k is basically equivalent as far as pressure rating goes, but there are many differences in the valve/flange dimensional specs. ASME (Specifically ASME B16.5) is the pressure rating specification.

    Steam pressure dictates steam temperature. Valves must be rated to the steam pressure that will be in the system.
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    thanks for the answers.. :D

    1 more question,

    lets say,

    The boiler operation temperature are between 150~200 Celsius , and the operation pressure are between around 10 to 12 bar.

    With attach a cast iron body globe valve, with PN16, Max temperature 200Celsius.

    It's suitable?

    Thank you.
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    I suppose. I'd be a little suspicious of a valve with a maximum temperature of 200C if your standard operating temp is ~200C, but you'd probably be ok. Boiler engineering isn't something to guess at though, they store a great deal of energy and you don't want to under engineer them.

    PN16 is rated to 16 bar, or ~230psi. At your 200C you'll be seeing a max operating pressure of ~175psi which is about 3/4 max rating. That should be ok.
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    ok, got it. Million thanks Travis King. :)
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