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News About the US Funding the Afghan Mujahideen

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    This topic is definitely interesting and deserves some careful attention. I have browsed the Net a bit for information, but there's one point I don't really understand and was wondering whether anyone here could elucidate. Was the US monetary assistance to the Afghan mujahideen made public at the time? Or was it more a covert operation which was only later revealed to the public? If it is the latter, when did the government reveal it was financially assisting the mujahideen? If someone knows anything, please post it!
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    You didn't see RAMBO III ?????
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    A good read is; "Afghanistan's Endless War" by Larry P. Goodson. He published the book in early 2001 before 9/11 so it is not hindsight. An excellent book to understand what happened before 9/11.

    Afghanistan because of it's geographical location in central Asia it has been the subject of invasion throughout it's history. Afghanistan was caught in the middle of the British-Russian rivalry that Rudyard Kipling referred to as the "Great Game" in his Novel Kim.

    He delves into the buildup to the Soviet invasion and how that war was a major contributing factor to the demise of the Soviet Union.

    BTW-This is OBL's strategy to defeat the US, and Bush is playing right into his hands.

    Many in the Arab, Egyptian, and Persian community believe the Taliban was a creation of the US and Pakistan.

    Goodsons book covers the Taliban, how they began, and how they came to power. The mujaheddin were not the Taliban.
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