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About the velocity of sound !

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    We know that the velocity of sound has relation with the pressure of the medium.
    And I'm wondering wether it has relation with the pressure of radiation ?
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    I recently heard a clarinet solo at an elevation of about 9000 feet, and wondered why the pitch had not changed. The velocity of sound depends on the square root of the ratio of air pressure over air density. Thus the velocity of sound remains constant, even at high altitude, as long as the composition of air remains constant. However, excess
    CO2 concentration from an overzeleous musician can detune the instrument. Radiation pressure (electromagnetic radiation) is entirely different, and has no direct relation to the velocity of sound (pressure waves in the medium).
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    SqRt of stiffness/density.
    Which is why sound travels faster in water than air, and even faster in solids.
    Also highly dependent on temperature.
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