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    I saw that there was a question of 18 year old boy [although i'm of 16 years; he's senior to me] about his theory. I think that the new thinkers must not be discarded directly but should be appreciated for their effort to think something different even if it's wrong. Yes! But it may also be right. If it's right and seems to be wrong, or it is surely wrong, it can be due to misconception and lack of deep knowledge and experience. But , if they will be demorlised, they will not learn something, and the purpose of Forums are to execute the conclusion of discussions and make each and every member to know the real thing (as i know).
    I've also found something before a pair of couple of months, but i am searching about it at my every possible reach to know its correctness and feasibility. Due to lack of deep knowledge and experience, i'm also confused about its proof and existence. But, one thing i know correctly that 'The Effort to think new is more important than its result'.
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