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About wave function collapse

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    why is not need for introducing a true collapse in bohmian interpretation?
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    I think that reality is much like a child looking in wonder at the ripples in a puddle. Noticing how they have consistent patterns that seem to interact with each other. Only consciousness is the child and the puddle is a planar 2-Dimensional field much like the one between two different liquid phases. The energy distribution between these phases would generate rhythmic vibrations, or waves, that interacted with each other. The interpretation of these interactions is what we have turned into reality. Much like a movie becoming too real, we are acting out and placing ourselves as if in the mix of things. Our basic equation of what reality is takes the form of some strange waves mixing with each other in a unique way (probability curves). I feel as if we are peering into a window, like in one of those full body suits they had on the andromeda strain that doctors use to enter an isolated room. And we are creating ripples from our clumsy observations and then interpreting these ripples to be a new iphone. Who is with me?
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    In this interpretation, a particle is being moved around by a pilot wave, so the particle itself never acts like a wave, so the wavefunction never needs to collapse.
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