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Abridged Principia?

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    I heard that Newton, or perhaps someone else, in the introduction to the Principia mentioned what the most useful propositions are to study, because he realized the average student didn't have the time to go through 100% of the propositions. What were these most useful propositions? What would an "abridged Principia" be? Thanks
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    What!? Newton intentionally wrote all of his works in the most twisted, convoluted, and difficult-to-understand manner precisely because, allegedly, he wanted only the most dedicated students to work to understand his works. Or you know, he was just nuts. But I can't find any 'abridged propositions' in my copy (Green Lion Press).

    However, there are many abridged versions of Newton's Principia, which isn't the same as what you're thinking of (as abridged versions are the original with notes added, commentary, or irrelevant sections taken out). One good one is also by Green Lion Press, and it's called 'Newton's Principia: The Central Argument'. You can check out some of what it includes in it's website, but it is still relatively thick. It's not boring, but if you're looking for a quick-and-dirty pamphlet, this isn't it.
    http://www.greenlion.com/principi.html [Broken]
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    Newton's Own Abridged Principia

    Newton's advise for reading his Principia (intro. of 3rd vol.):
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