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Absent Minded Reality

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    "The truth is absent in class; Reality is absent minded. And you would have to be a grand idiot to not realize it too. You saw the magic show. It coaxed you away with riddles and illusions; Compliments to say how smart you were. It should be obvious how stupid you are, yet you favor your false reality too much because you are a king in it. Who am I to wake you from a dream? I know I prefer my dreams to my reality. My reality is a nightmare because I attempted to know it's truth. It isn't worth waking up, so perhaps you are not so stupid as I had thought."

    by William Terrance

    Came across this passage, and seamed to provoke a lot of thought.

    What do you think the author meant?
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    I think he is crying out for help. He probably just needs a good friend.
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    I believe what the author is referring to is how many people choose to lie to themselves. People who do not question their own actions. He is talking about the people who know that their actions are wrong whether it is concerning morals, logic, prejudice, addiction, what have you, yet they do nothing to correct these problems. They make excuses and deny responsibility for their own actions because confronting these issues would place them outside of their comfort zone. He is saying that he sees no benefit in lying to himself or being set in his own ways as long as he knows the truth. The saying "Ignorance is bliss" pretty much sums it up...
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    I sit alone to think. Suddenly a feeling of dread washes over me. My subconscious has let down it's guard.

    In an epiphany the world feels fake. Items I once held turn to dust in my hands. I'm transported into emptiness, cold and sterile.

    In a dreamworld is where my life is. Hopes and fear. All the things which make me human. Where happiness exists.

    Floating along in a cozy bubble. The brain has made a calculated decision. Subconsciously strategic.

    Somewhere in between stupid smart, and smart stupid.

    Close enough that humor can bridge the gap.
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