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Absolute magnitude of the sun.

  1. Jan 17, 2015 #1
    (a) What is the distance modulus of the Sun? (b) What is the Sun’s absolute magnitude?

    2. I found the distance modulous using 5log(4.84E-6/10) to be -31.6. I feel like I need the apparent magnitude to get the absolute, my teacher is very vague about what we are given to use. Is there a way to do part b without the apparent magnitude using luminosity or flux or something of the sort? Thanks

    3. I feel like I should use this m-M=distance modulus but I wasn't given any thing to work with.
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    I don't see how starting with luminosity or the solar constant is superior to starting with the apparent magnitude: They're all values that you aren't given in the problem itself and would have to look up (or measure somehow). So, I'd suggest using the apparent magnitude, which is a pretty well known value that should probably be memorized if you're doing an astronomy related course.
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    I was assigned problem 4, the apparent magnitude was given in problem 3. I should have just read that, thanks though.
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