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I Absolute Newtonian time. Independence of space and time

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    Hi folks,

    Tell me please why in classical Newtonian physics one can say that the space and time are independent? But we have equations of motion which clearly show this dependence (x=Vt; x=x0+1/2at^2+v0t).

    Thank you.
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    That's not dependence between time and space. That's a dependence between time and the position of a particle that is moving at a specific velocity.
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    There is no "t=Ax" term in Newtonian relativity, so this means that time is only coupled to space in one regard (the one that you mention). SR puts this term in, so is really a generalization of Galilean relativity. The term it puts in is responsible for differences in simultaneity between observers.
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    Two facts about Newtonian spacetime that are both different from the spacetime of Special Relativity are:
    1. The time between two events is the same in every reference system.
    2. If two events are simultaneous, then the distance between them is the same in every reference frame.
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    If you have a Cartesian frame {xy}, the x and y-directions are linear independent. But this doesn't mean we cannot introduce functions y(x), i.e. curves describing a relation between x and y.
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