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Absolute Value graph.

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    I need some help graphing an Absolute value. I know what it look like from a graphing calculator but I don't understand how to get to the answer.

    http://media.twango.com/m1/original/0042/5fda15431b96400eb32e66afa3627624.jpg [Broken]

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    With one like that the best method is to break it into regions. Just get a simple linear function for each of the following three regions and you're done.

    1. x < -1
    2. -1 <= x <= 1
    3. x > 1
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    Following uart, adhere to this algorithm when doing abs.val problems:
    1. Determine the zeros of each absolute value term, and mark these off on a number line.
    2.Within each region, every absolute value term is now easily converted into a non-absolute-alue term
    3. Simplify the expresion you have gotten for each interval, and draw that portion of the graph.
    4. Iterate with the next region.
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    graphing inequalities in 2 variables


    You can plot your inequality on www.webgraphing.com. There, you will get both the plot of the curve and the region where the inequality holds. Just use the link to "Inequality Graphing in Two Variables." To represent |x|, use the notation abs(x).
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