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Absolute value

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    Hi everyone,I have a problem.I get a short thermodynamics course.Until now,I have thought,that I know,what absolute value means.
    And here comes my problem.In lecture is writen,that if we want to make a synthesis in cell valid,we must to have:|ΔH|>|TΔS|.So what this expression means?Does it mean,ΔG<0,in other words?And how I know,that we are dealing with negative or positive numbers in this expression?And if yes,why this expression is expressed like absolute value?If we have it without it,what would happen?I asked teacher,but I m still confused.
    Thanks for answers and time,you lost with my question.
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    With absolute values, only the magnitude of the change matters. It doesn't matter if the change is positive or negative. So H must change more than TS.
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