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Absolute zero

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    Can we go beyond absolute zero what happens at absolute zero do atoms behave any different insights please

    Also what is the hottest temparature known
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    You can't go below absolute zero. You can't even reach absolute zero, but you can get close.

    Absolute zero is defined as the complete cessation of motion in a gas. You can't get any stiller than not moving.

    I don't think there is an upper limit to temperature. What might cause the highest temperature observed, or conjectured? A supernova detonation? Probably not? Electron-positron anniahilation? Matter falling onto the surface of a neutron star? The colission of two black holes?
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    The motion of the atoms doesn't stop completely at absolute zero. If you knew the velocity of an atom was exactly zero, what would you be able to say about its position? (Heisenberg uncertainty principle)

    What actually happens is that once a particle has lost all the thermal energy it can, it is left with 'zero point energy'. All motion does not cease.
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