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Absorption Refrigeration

  1. Mar 6, 2014 #1
    Hello people I need your help.

    I am kind new to refrigeration and I wanna design one. I have a waste exhaust heat from the Exhaust of the tunnel oven that I have designed. Now I wanna use that waste heat as the heat source for the Absorption refrigerator.

    Q1: what's the best solution I can use as a refrigerant?

    Q2: how can I put that solution into the system?

    Thank you a lot.
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    For absorption refrigerator, you can use LiBr-H2O system.
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    Thank you very much. What is minimum temperature that I should apply as a heat source to make the system work?
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    Carnot Efficiency of absorption cycle = ((T1-T2)/T1) * (T4/(T3-T4))
    T1 = temperature of heat source
    T4 = temperature of refrigerated space
    T2 = T3 = ambient temperature
    All values are in kelvin
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    LiBr-H2O system is the best.
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