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Abstract Algebra dress

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    Re: Why is this?

    It's the abstract algebra-dress. You don't know it??
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    Re: Why is this?

    That dress is for commuting.
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    Re: Why is this?

    Hmmmm then why is this?

    http://www.cengage.com/search/productOverview.do?Ntt=abstract+algebra||16762969505207843026669593002115133173&N=4294922455&Ntk=all||P_EPI [Broken]
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    Re: Why is this?

    :raising an eyebrow:
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    Re: Why is this?

    Nobody noticed yet? Come on guys... :D
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    OK there's a newer edition of this classic text. :)

    But why is it in August?
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    Re: Why is this?



    My analysis:

    I see a group: The two rings on the wrist combine to make a third element, which is the collar.

    I see a (commutative) ring: swapping rings of jewels that exist around each wrist will preserve the (dress's) structure.

    I see a field: The collar allows for division into the structures you see on the wrists of the dress.
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    Well done! :)

    But my question is this price for the book or the dress?
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    Yeah but still an expensive dress to wear for an abstract algebra class. You know what I'm not taking abstract algebra, you guys can enjoy the dress. :D
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    Maybe it's advanced geometric topology.

    Publisher: learn how customers can search inside this book. :rofl:
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    Too cute!!!!
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    The picture shown is wrong. It should display faded/torn jeans, a polo shirt and deck shoes.
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    This makes more sense. At least it's not Speedo. :D
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