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Abstract Algebra Proof Concerns

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    Hello. I started Gallians Contemporary Abstract Algebra today. Is it wise to go through each of the given proofs for all of the theorems. For example I just studied the proof for division algorithm. Took Quite some time. I don't know if I could have produced this proof without peeking at the proof that was given. Although I do understand how it works. I guess I'm curious how one of you tackles such a book.

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    I usually glance at the textbook's proof first. If it seems short/simple, I prove it myself as an exercise. If it seems long and convoluted, I read through the book's arguments with extreme detail. I only do this the first time I'm reading the text. If I come back to it a long time later, I might only skim the proof, since I know I have gone through its details already.

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