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Abstract Algebra?

  1. Jun 23, 2007 #1
    I am currently signed up for an intro abstract algebra course. I will be taking this course and calculus 3(stewart's book). I am pretty good at writing proofs. Do you have to know calculus 3 to do well in abstract algebra? Or can you take it concurrently? Is abstract algebra considered a difficult course? So to sum up, I am taking abstract algebra and calculus 3.

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    Abstract Algebra, at least a first course, should be completely independent of calculus, although it will likely require some basic knowledge of set theory. So taking the two classes together should not pose any problems, as far as difficulty that is a rather subjective thing, if you say you are pretty good at writing proofs, however, you should be able to handle the class well.
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    thanks a lot. It seems like a very interesting subject.
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    I think it is, it is one of my favorite subjects in mathematics.
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    btw, is it a course for mathmeaticians or for physicists?
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    There are ideas in abstract algebra that are very important for physics. Of course, it's up to the professor as to what is actually taught, and with what emphasis.
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    yes i know, there're courses in abstract algebra also for physiciists, this is why i asked what iv'e asked.
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    this is a course for mathematicians. its an intro course.
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    at my school, linear algebra is a prereq, and that is typically taken after calculus 3. :/

    (then again, the linear algebra class is treated as a weed course at my school, so ymmv.)
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    What's the course description?
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    At my school abstract algebra is one of the hardest math courses, besides real analysis, of course. I suppose if you are good at proofs, you should be fine. I really don't see how Calc III and Abs. Alg. have anything in common.
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