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Abstract Algebra

  1. Dec 4, 2007 #1
    Can some one help me, how to solve this problem?. Please explain me how is done, been having problem with the subject

    Let H be the subgroup of GL(2, R) under Matrix multiplication defined by
    H = {[ 1 n ]}| n E Z }
    0 1

    Let 0: Z à H be the function defined by

    phi(n) = [ 1 n ]
    0 1

    How do I prove phi is an isomorphism and how I list the generators

    I tried to add the two matrix, but I am getting 0's, I just need explanation on the problem
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    [1 n] is not a matrix in GL(2,R) so H clearly can not be a subgroup of GL(2,R).

    Either you're missing something or I'm missing something completely.
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