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Homework Help: Abstract Algebra

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    I'm going insane. The question is:
    List all abelian groups (up to isomorphism) of order 144.

    There are 10 non-isomorphic groups of order 144 and I only have 9. Here they are:

    Z2 X Z2 X Z2 X Z2 X Z3 X Z3
    Z2 X Z2 X Z2 X Z2 X Z9
    Z4 X Z2 X Z2 X Z3 X Z3
    Z4 X Z2 X Z2 X Z9
    Z8 X Z2 X Z3 X Z3
    Z8 X Z2 X Z9
    Z4 X Z4 X Z3 X Z3
    Z4 X Z4 X Z9
    Z16 X Z3 X Z3

    (with the isomorphism being Z16 X Z9)

    Anyone? Bueller?
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    What do you mean by this statement? Z16 x Z9 gives a distinct isomorphism class - it's precisely the one you're missing.
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    Yeah, I realised that that counted towards the 10. It's the midst of finals so the brain's on the fritz. I was just going to take this post down, thanks though!
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