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Abstract Algebra

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    Let d=GCD(n2+n-2,n3+2n-1). Find d if d=1(mod 2) & d > 1.

    So we know d|n2+n-2 & d|n3+2n-1.

    My question is simply this, the professor wrote down hence d|n3+n2-2n, right after what is written above. But I'm just not seeing how you get that combination. I understand how to work the problem, just not that one step & I'm probably just over-looking something really simple.
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    [itex] n^3 + n^2 - 2n = n(n^2 + n -2) [/itex]
    and d|(n^2 + n - 2)

    But this is probably the wrong subforum for that question.
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    Yes, I meant to post in under homework. I must have been surfing too many forums at once. Thanks though! I knew it was something silly.
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