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Abstract Diving on Web?

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    If I were doing research would I be able to locate papers of relevance exclusively from the web(and also bibliographies of papers I've looked at)? There are some fairly large databases on the web, such as citeseer. At the worst, I would call these resources "good." I'm not sure that I can depend on them though. Must I make the hour long trip to my local university library? For that matter, I don't know what reference I would have to look in there either.
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    Google scholar's a good first port of call, provided you have some specific keywords.
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    the internet is the greatest.
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    I've been told there are index of abstracts at the library, but I'm not sure if it's true.
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    Talk to the librarian, they are a great resource. Your university should have subscriptions to journals you may need and you may have access to these online.
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