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Abstract Linear Algebra

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    What should I expect out of a course named Abstract Linear Algebra?

    I have just taken two courses on Linear Algebra, and it was mainly computational.

    I was hoping that this course would not involve any computations, but the professor says we will have some (how much?) on our next midterm.

    I don't mind having them for assignments, and as for examples, but on the midterm?

    After doing annoying computations for two terms, I certainly don't want to continue doing them. Is it expected to continue doing computations in Abstract Linear Algebra?

    Note: We still have questions like find a basis for V (a vector space).
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    look at my notes on my web page for linear algebra. thats probably considered abstract linear algebra by some people, although i myself just consider it linear algebra.


    i would guess people mean vector spaces and linear maps as abstract linear algebra, and matrices as concrete linear algebra (I was tempted to say stupid linear algebra, but i won't)..
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    Well, on our midterm we will be expected to construct matrix transformations for any given transformation.

    I really hate doing that. I really really really do.
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    Abstract linear algebra probably means little or no use of matrices at all as well as not doing any determinants. everything will be proofs and instead of matrices you will be using the abstract version of a linear transformation much more. if you have a chance, look at Linear Algebra Done Right by Sheldon Axler (you can look at it on amazon). His book is pretty much just a pure abstract treatment of linear algebra.
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