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Abstracting info out of the filename and updating it

  1. Dec 14, 2009 #1
    Following a similar problem that was posted....

    I have data , which consists of 3 columns related to 3 parameters H, T and E (Height, period and efficiency) and herewith, I would like to create a scatter diagram.

    the name of every cell would carry the name of the H and T parameter and that 'cell' should contain different efficiencies...

    - I managed to create a name for all these cells e.g.: Cell_H_T
    for h=1:10
    for t=1:10
    eval(['Cell_' num2str(h) '_' num2str(t) '=[0]']);

    - how can I adress every matrix individually?
    In the next example, the number '1' (appearing in t1min) should also change in between each loop.
    e.g.: I analyse the data and if the data follows the requirements I would like to add that value into the cell_H_T... and also count the number of datapoints in there countCell_H_T
    (this off course doesn't work)
    for h=1:10
    for t=1:10
    for k = 1:length(H)
    if (T(k)>=t1min & T(k)<=t8max) & (h1min<=H(k) & H(k)<=h10max)
    Cell_ num2str(h) _ num2str(t) = [Cell_ num2str(h) _ num2str(t);E(k)]
    countCell_ num2str(h) _ num2str(t) = countCell_ num2str(h) _ num2str(t) + 1;

    Many thanks in advance for your help!!
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