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AC Adaptor model naming

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    I want to replace an adaptor for some appliance.
    The part that is sold in an official website of the product is expensive.
    So I'm looking for compatible models.
    Is it usually OK to only consider matching Output Voltage and current?

    S018QU2400050 is written on the apator.
    I think 24 stands for 24V and 50 stands for 0.5A and S stands for switching.
    Do you know what 018QU stands for?
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    Don't know what the part number means, but...
    the S018QU2400050 is available on eBay for about USD20.00
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    It depends on the appliance.

    You need to make sure to correctly choose AC or DC. Also, the plug can be either centre positive or centre negative, and this is usually indicated by a symbol on the case near the socket.
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    I've had projects where the switching frequency noise on the output range through out my circuits.
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