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AC and Heat Pumps

  1. Aug 27, 2013 #1
    On a hot day the AC in my car starts working immediately pumping cool air, on a cold day I have to wait till the cooling system heats up before I get warm air. It would be perfectly possible (with the aid of a couple of solenoid valves) for the AC unit to run as a heat pump providing immediate warmth, why don't motor manufactures fit a system like that? Is it just cost?
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    So you don't want to use the heat generated by the engine; just loose it?
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    It is a big expense for something only used for 5 min per day.
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    Yeah it's pretty much the same old story. Anything that is physically possible can be done, but at a cost.
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    Simple fix, and it's found in most hybrid cars and some diesels...PTC heater.
  7. Sep 10, 2013 #6
    My son in law in the cold north, uses a remote starter.
    Starts his car about 5 min before he gets out of work.
    This method also works for cooling the car down in summer.
    It does cost some extra fuel, but if it's -20F, it's worth it.
    The answer to your original question is Yes it is possible,
    but the engine heat is already there, no need to squeeze
    your own out of the air.
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