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AC & Dc capacitor

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    By mistake i had used DC capacitor in AC application, but the product is working satisfactorly. still i want to know what is the problem in this can any body tell me about construction of ac & DC capacitor and the difference between the same

    Thanks N Regards
    Mahadev Mittu
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    The only thing I can think of is that the AC capacitor would likely be designed for low inductance at 50-60hz.
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    I think the electrolytic caps will have a higher loss tangent, more nonlinear and maybe burn out if driven hard (up to the rated voltage) ... they are polar so best not reverse voltage ... probably ok small signal but will distort signal i think. Best
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    To Mah-
    A so called DC cap requires a DC voltage ( correct polarity) across it to form the correct capacitance and also avoid a reversal of voltage which may cause it to go non linear. For small AC signals and non critical applications they may well work and you may not notice any effects -- but you will not know what capacity or losses it may have , and they may change with time. Best to avoid .
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    I think that the DC capacitor is polarized , so you have to pay attention when using it for the poles(+ and -) while it doesn't matter for the AC capacitor cz the voltage changes from + to -.
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    Re: AC & Dc capacitor

    dear sir

    i am also having the same dout, if you got answer pl send me too
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