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AC electromagnet

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    I'm trying to make an AC electromagnet (better frequency response compared to DC electromagnets) I could not find any document, book, or source to check if I'm on the right way or not. I have a coil and a core and working on them to increase magnetic field, right now it is not high enough. Anyone having experience?
    Thanks a lot
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    More turns and higher current make it stronger. The core needs to be soft iron for best results. If you get a nice long think wire wrapped round a core and plug it into the mains it works very well, however its dangerous! and I wouldn't advise it. (If you use a low resistance high power resistor in the circuit you won't short out your supply.)
    Also you could get a horce shoe shaed core and wrap the wire round one side and then in the opposite direction on the other side to make a N and S pole.
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    What what purpose? How can a 'DC' electromagnet have a frequency response??

    There are lots of magnetic materials for a variety of uses up into the microwave region.. Ferrites and powdered iron.
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