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AC generator doesn't generate

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    I have a 3 year old ( Chinese) Amico 3300 watt generator run by a 200cc gas engine. The engine works well and the generator turns but no juice is produced. Circuit breakers (110 & 220)are on. I don't have a manual for troubleshootin and distributor is not helpful. Where do I start, to determine where the problem is?
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    It doesn't sound old
    but I don't know how often you use it; hazard a guess and say worn brushes? They are usually held spring-loaded against the commutator so that as they wear they self-adjust to provide a continuous electrical path.
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    Thanks, I will check the brushes.Any other thoughts if the brushes are OK? One week it ran fine and the next week there was no output.
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    Have you checked for a main fuse before the breakers?
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    There's probably no commutator in your ac generators. There may be a slip ring, however, with brushes riding on it.

    With engine off (not running) what ohm readings do you get when you stick ohmmeter probes in the output plug? It should read about zero. If it's infinite, you have an open circuit, eg. tripped circuit breaker.
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