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Ac impedance find power

  1. Nov 28, 2006 #1
    ac impedance ....find power

    this is the circuit....attached.....i have to find appartent power ( S) , Average Power (P) and power factor (p).....i have tried this question a lot times but every time i get incorrect result ....please solve this question.....


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    please reply................
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    Please show us what you have tried.

    What are the definitions of the quantities you need to find?
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    u just have 2 find the apparent power and average power ...u have been given a circuit having L & C...first u have to find its impedances then find the S and P.....the formula for S is S=1/2 Vm Im..........and for P=1/2 Vm Im Cos (phi).....thats it....i have tried by this but i didnt get the correct answer.........
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    You need to show us what you have tried, that way we can help you find your errors.
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    Your naswers should be 676VA at an angle of 58.16 degrees. PF=52%, Power = 357 watts. Now, what have you done so far?

    Hope this helps.
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