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Ac to cc

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    I have a device that generate a pulsating current(2s 2A,2s 0A),
    and i would like to convert it to a continuous dc current.
    i have no idea of how to do it.

    Thanks for your help.
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    just have to hook up a bank of capacitors
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    ... or maybe use a battery...
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    Take the output through a diode to a large capacitor. Large enough so that the capacitor does not discharge significantly when it is not being charged via the diode.

    For small currents and voltages, maybe a 5000 uF 25 volt capacitor and a 1 amp 400 volt diode.

    The diode is there so that the capacitor cannot discharge back into the power source when it is not supplying power.
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    if you need a steady dc signal then put a capacitor across the positive and negative, then run it through a voltage regulator. if you want to be able to vary the voltage then you could try an lm317, I believe you can draw 1 or two amps from it. If you want 12 volts lm7812 and for 5 volts lm7805. You can input any voltage into the voltage regulator (within reason), as long as its about a volt higher than what you want out.
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