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AC to DC wall adapter

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    On the adapter, Vout is 12Vdc but when I measured it with a voltmeter it shows 19.5V. Is there a typo or does the voltage somehow drops down to 12V when in use with a load?
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    Are you sure you not measuring RMS value?

    Vrms = Vo/sqrt(2)
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    RMS?? The output is DC.
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    The output probably has a lot of ripple. Your measuring meter is probably is seeing it.
    If your meter can measure AC try it an see how much.
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    I've seen this a lot of times. I think there must be a lot of "droop" in the converter's output. At rated load it's probably at stated voltage, but open circuit, it's high. I think if you should use these converters at their rated load. Load too high -- burn them out; load too low -- maybe damage your load.
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    I agree. Most voltage values given are rated values at full load (i.e. rated current).
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