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AC Two Way Switch

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    Hello People!

    So currently I have an AC input going into a capacitor and inductor in parallel, and I want the output from the capacitor and inductor to go into a switch that flips from outputting the capacitive load's output and the inductor's load output, a little diagram is shown below:
    Instead of two resistors, both outputs would go into a switch with the switch's output connected to a load resistor. How could I go about making this switch and checking it in PSPICE? Thank you in advance!
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    switch in pspice called sw_tclose or sw_topen (N.o_Or N.C switch), both can be found in eval library

    edit: the emoji stands for normally open, I can fix it but I find that amusing
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    Fantastic, thank you very much!
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    You could just monitor two outputs at the same time with a Spice program.

    You would see that the inductor increases its reactance with rising frequency, so you would get less output. And the capacitor has the opposite effect.

    You could observe the changes in phase that occur if you change the frequency.

    However, you would miss the resonance effect that occurs when the reactances of the capacitor and inductor are equal.

    For this, you could connect both the inductor and capacitor together at one end of a resistor which is connected to ground at the other end.
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