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Academia vs industry

  1. Mar 31, 2012 #1
    This question gets asked quiet often in school so what's the deal?

    Academia is extremely slow. I have no idea why. Experiments that I would do in industry that would take only 3 days, take over a month to complete in academia. It's simply ludicrous the amount of red tape and administrative crap you have to cut through just to use an instrument in academia. Sorry, I don't give a crap about the intricacies of how NMR works and I don't need a 3 day work shop on how to run and interpret a mass spec sample. 99% of the time if you aren't an expert in those fields you will never need to know the knowledge that they teach. The only analysis I need done is to tell me whether or not my stuff is in my flask, that's it, period.

    They look at you like you are crazy if you propose to make 3 or more new molecules a month to test. Meanwhile in industry I was already making 50-80 new molecules per month to test, from start to finish.
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    Are you exaggerating? Why would anyone hand off a research project to academia if things were slower by a factor of ten there?
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