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Academic career advice (graduate studies).

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    Luckily for me (or unluckily for me), Iv'e narrowed my topics to specalise in to: Quantum Cosmology in theoretical physics and Quantum Chaos but from the number theoretic approach, i.e pure maths.

    So the problem is how to combine these two narrowed specialities?, I think I have also narrowed down two possible academic supervisors (one from the physics department and one from the maths department).

    Now I have a few questions:
    1. Does it matter if I do my dissertation in the physics department or the maths departement?
    2. Should it matter that if I were to write the dissertation in one department over the other, that the other advisor is not from this deparment?
    3. One thing that bothers me is that, I am thinking of applying this year to two MSC programmes in my school (physics and maths) and after I were to finish 2/3 of my obligatory studies in each of them, if I were to continue to a PhD in one departement over the other, how would I inform each of my advisors of the other, it seems like a hassle to go between the two advisors back and forth?

    Any other tips on this matter are more than welcomed.
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