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Academic guidance required.

  1. Jun 16, 2011 #1
    I completed my engineering in 2007. Took ECE that time because it was very much in trend and seemed to have good career prospect. Didn think much about what i liked. College sucked and didn't study at all. Didn like the subjects. then while i was studying for MBA entrance I started watching lots of News and was somewhat disturbed by looking at the condition of my nation at grass root level. Felt that something should be done about it and left my MBA thing - got interested into NGO's and social work. Applied for two of the reputed colleges but didn't get through.

    I joined a renowned NGO after that and worked there for 8 months at grass root level. Like it but i kept feeling that i can do more.

    After that I was vacant for a long time figuring what i really need in Life. While working at a small company I Realized how much i love science.

    So tried going back to my specialty. I believe that everything happens for a reason and my being a Telecom Engineer had a reason attached to it. Currently I am working in a Telecom Sector and there is nothing interesting about it. No creativity, no application of your skills. It all comes down to Managerial work.

    I don't want to be a corporate slave. Money doesn't Intrigue me at all.

    I want to learn about physics, mainly quantum physics, about how things are at quantum level. Stuff like String theory, mass defect and all.

    I don't know now what to Pursue.

    I am planning for my Masters in Physics.

    Academic Qualification:

    GPA = 7.0 ( High School)
    GPA = 6.0 (Engineering)

    Please Guide about the same.
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