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Academic PEDs

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    Should schools and organizations start drug testing students to monitor abuse of drugs like adderall, which is widely used recreationally by lots of kids to boost test scores?
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    no. schools, organizations, and people in general should learn to mind their own bleeping business.
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    So there be no PDEs here?:confused:
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    I have no idea what a "PDE" is (when I went to school it was Partial Differential Equation) but I say NO to having schools stick there noses in student's business (unless they're carrying guns to class, in which case I'll happily make an exception)
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    I think, not. Privacy in ones life is already minimal.
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    They check athletes for drugs that artificially enhance their performance, so I would not be against it in schools.

    I just don't think it's feasable to do it among such a large population.

    I dislike cheaters.
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    No, it's not a competition, if they want to take something to boost their scores it's their own problem.
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    Are students that actually make an effort doing this? I thought it was some silly thing for people to take and cram for a test the night before.
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    I don't think it would be hard to check for psycho-stimulants and have it cheap at the same time. I wonder if the contraction speed of the iris is affected by such stimulants.
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    exactly. this is not some game. most people are coming to learn what will essentially be their trade, not some trinket to hang on the mantle. in fact, one of the best, and most intelligent teachers i ever had did not view it as a competition either. his attitude was, if everyone in his course does "A" work, then everyone gets an "A".

    and, it's not just about boosting scores. i drink coffee every day. and if i'm taking a course, especially so. it helps me pay attention and retain information. it's about actually learning the material. it's not about winning the National Boggle Championship.
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    To most of us, school is not competitive. Though I tend to do better if there is some sort of competition among friends (this was discussed in another thread). I've heard med students can be pretty cut throat though!

    In any event, I don't think taking a drug used for AD(H)D should be considered cheating. You still have to know the material, yes?
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    Oh, what if these were people who would become doctors one day that might operate on you? Would you put your trust in a person who took adderall to pass his or her entrance exam, and then later forget the information they learned in a week?
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    Of course it's a competition, you're competing to get into college, and it's cheating, if you couldn't score as well without the drug.

    People that use it are dishonest. They use the drug to appear smarter than they really are. Coffee is a mild stimulant that doesn't even affect many people (I am one of those people).
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    I'm quite ignorant on the issue, but how does the drug let people appear smarter?? I thought that the only effect involved was that people could concentrate better and for longer periods of times. A bit like coffee of red bull.

    I don't think a drug could actually make people smarter. Could it??
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    I'm sure if it ever becomes an issue that tarnishes the reputation of universities or threatens the public welfare people will insist on mandatory testing. The same with mandatory testing of the public for STDs or whatever. If it becomes an issue then I'm sure people will address it, but until then its just a waste of money and higher education is expensive enough.
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    It cannot, you are just able to concentrate and consequently learn better. You don't get sleepy also.
    So yes, I would operate with a doctor that made an effort to learn more.

    It's not some magic pill that slackers take to be able to pass a test without knowing the content.
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    i'm not assuming they're learning all their material in a week.
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    If it's an entrance exam, then it's not going to matter. If it's the USMLE, that's different. You need to know why and how everything is affecting the people. It's not as simple as memorizing a word and its definition. So I would imagine that is a safe bet, letting them operate on you.
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