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Academic route to artificial intelligence?

  1. Mar 10, 2005 #1
    i need some advice on my academic path.
    im very interested in artificial intelligence and possibly hope to create a AI being that is truly able to think on its own.
    now which university course should i enrol? how abt masters? phd?
    and maybe which university is best for my interest?

    Thanks in advance. :smile:
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    i like ur head.. well you can figure out from my username that i have the same interest somehow.
    well i think it needs creativity;
    i advise to watch "AI" the movie; in case you didn't watch it.
    for the university question;
    i'm sorry i can not help
    but we can still be in touch for sharing some interesting ideas :)

    sincerly JOE
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    Hello orochimaru,

    The area of Artificial Intelligence is once again of growing interest and is very promising for the future, so you can attend BSc, MSc and PhD courses for AI. It depends on your previous academic record, so in case you have finished high school, or don't have any IT-related degrees, try to start with a general Computer Science (or Computing, or Information Technology, whatever it is called) degree.
    The areas you can specialize for MSc or PhD include general Artificial Intelligence, as well as the following:

    - Expert Systems,
    - Neural Networks,
    - Intelligent Agents.

    You can put your feet into the field with some study of logic and logic programming (in a language like Prolog/LISP).
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    And i think most people will agree that the big part of AI needs to be figured out in a 'creative sense'. So far, we cant just build up all this computer knowledge and spit out AI. It needs creativity (which means a BS degree'd student has the same chance as a doctor to figure out AI) to figure out the things we still cant figure out about making AI as feasible as we want it to be. There hasnt been as much accomplished in figuring out how to turn human thought into a coded language as we'd like. I think most people believe theres gonna be some big 'secret' taht needs to be unlocked that'll really open the doors to AI.
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    No man, there's no secret that will solve the AI problems out of the blue. Artificial intelligence is difficult by nature, because it is actually a study of complexity. The improvements will be made incrementally, possibly with the introduction of better and better software engineering practices. One hope could be with the study of neural networks that learn by themselves.
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    Thanks a lot ppl for the guidance.
    Now i am clearer abt my path. =)
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    Computer Science and Information Technology aren't the same thing.
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