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Accelerated charges

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    My days in high school are almost at an end and I don't want to run to my teachers with this question.
    So can someone please explain this to me: why an accelerated charge emits photons and loses energy?
    Links and references are also welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    This radiation is present in classical electrodynamics also. Google for "Larmor formula".
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    Ok...that went way over my head! I haven't learnt electrodynamics yet!! So could you kindly explain what is happening without equations?
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    thanx a lot!!! that gave me explanations to a lot of "untold stories". i admit that i need to pursue a little more of this to understand the full explanation with maths... but still, something, is much much better than nothing.
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    one more question... will a moving charge be influenced by the field it creates?
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