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Accelerated growth in Quantum Gravity research

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    Papers in Loop Gravity and related research lines are coming out at an increasing rate. I've found this boolean search method useful at arxiv. It is a way of keeping up that takes less time since it combines the key words and phrases in a single search

    By searching arxiv with the same Boolean expression for 5 years:
    2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and LTM, the last 12 months,
    (EDIT: As of March 2, 2004)I got these annual figures

    Code (Text):

    year   number of papers
    2000     80
    2001     86
    2002    111
    2003    123
    LTM     132
    So this is a quick method not to miss new papers in Quantum Gravity and also one possible way to gauge the growing energy in the field.

    This Boolean expression fits into the arxiv search form and turns up papers in:

    loop quantum gravity
    spin foam
    loop quantum cosmology
    canonical quantum gravity
    discrete quantum gravity
    doubly special relativity
    quantum gravity phenomenology

    Here's how to enter it

    1. go to the archiv search form

    2. change author and title fields to "abstract"
    and the two ANDs over at the righthand side to OR

    3. all three keyword fields are now directed to search
    the paper's abstract, fill them in as follows

    (loop AND quantum) AND (gravity OR cosmology)

    (quantum AND gravity) AND ((phenomenology OR canonical) OR discrete)

    (spin AND foam) OR (doubly AND special)

    4. check the box that says "search all" and select the desired year

    5. press "do search"

    your browser will probably "remember" how you filled the keyword blanks out before. So having done it once, you will afterwards just have to type the first character(s), and the rest will be supplied.
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    QG is really in flux. It is hard to keep track of what is occurring in the field. I just came across something that seemed crazy but it was by a postdoc of Steven Carlip, or so I assume, than whom (I reckon)no one is more sensible.

    There is someone called Quevedo who is at Davis and who proposes
    to quantize General Relativity without using operators. He passes from classical observables to quantum observables by a recipe called deformation (references to Marc Rieffel[!] and Stefan Waldmann)

    Every day or two I invoke this boolean expression at arXiv
    and do search for the last 12 months and today came up with
    Quevedo and Tafoya (Towards the deformation quantization of linearized gravity)

    http://arxiv.org./gr-qc/0401088 [Broken]

    and a tutorial by Stefan Waldmann (Uni Freiburg) on Deformation Quantization---this kind of quantization that doesnt use operators on a hilbertspace.


    try it yourself. the field is exploding chaotically in all directions. I wonder if anyone really understands the overall shape of how it is developing.
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    Marcus, do you include hep-ph in your search? I just came across a paper on the phenomenology of LQG today.
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    Yes sA, I include all categories. Urrutia's article is an
    interesting new one in phenom. Was just reading it 5 min. ago.
    Maybe this was yours? field really exiciting now
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    I check the "search all" box
    Yeah I think the one you mentioned must be
    "Flat space modified particle dynamics...."
    pretty well disposes of preferred frame
    because of the 1.23 thousandths of the speed of light
    that the solarsystem is going w/rt background
    general drift of Urrutia seems to be to clear the way for DSR
    (or nothing)

    very pleased with this boolean seive, easy and quick to use
    browser brings it back up when i want it
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