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Accelerated Vacuum Space/ Universe Expansion

  1. Nov 9, 2004 #1
    If someone has the 'theoretical' reason?. as to the Expansion cause of the Universe, can he/she let me know as I believe that I have found something fascinating, give some links and evidence and I will compare it to my "speculation".

    I have recently gone through a mass of paperwork looking for some incling of 'what I found', and have found nothing that even speculates as an afterthought.

    Either I have found something pro-found?..or it has no baring on the Accelerated Universe evidence.

    I will not post my speculation in order to preserve the post without a atoumatic deletion being imposed.

    So lets have your best shots as to the 'evidence' and provide some links for all to see.

    If your an academic (doubt it!) or even if your a Graduate looking for some arena for a research topic this may be interesting.

    P.S no handwaving aloud :biggrin:
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    A trick question deserves a trick answer?

    What is the correlation between the 'primordial' Blackhole absorption rate, and the 'current' accelerated Vacuum Expansion rate?
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    About the same as Diracs proton-electron relationship for the age of the universe.
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    Which is?
    According to Witten?..Einstein?..or Anthropic reasnoning?
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    the expanision of the universe could be due to dark energy, which nobody seems to know what it is but it makes up 78% of the known uinverse, this dark energy seems to be excellerating the speed at which the universe expands
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