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Hey there,

My boyfriend is going to be coming home in roughly 3 weeks. I was wondering if it would be possible to lose and inch or so off my waist before he comes home. Is that a realistic achieveable goal? :uhh: Your thoughts would most appreciated. Suggestions on how to do this would be great too.

Thanks. :smile:
One should not plan on losing more than a pound of fat per week. This can be done by lowering ones daily calorie intake by about 500 calories and excercise. It is not recommended that people go on "lose weight quick" diets. Here is the logic on it: when people take a LOW calorie diet their body will actually metobolize its own muscle for energy first. Most of the weight lost will be that of muscle. After the transient low diet stage is over, people go back to their old habits and usually binge. But now you have less muscle and therefore a slower metabolism, which means you can gain fat a lot easier. The best thing to do is to take a routine, and have a lifestyle change.
I know about the body metabolising the muscle first. I was just wondering if it were possible to lose the inch in a three week period. I should have been more clear. I already have a pretty rigerous routine. I was looking for advice on mixing it up so my muscles don't become used to doing the same things and my metabolism slows because of it. I already excercise about 5-6 days a week for about 30-45 mins at a time alternating between upper body and abs na dlower body and abs. Not to mention some cardio. I've always been lean and healthy, please don't misunderstand. I'm also an excercise and nutrition fenatic. I'm just running out of ideas on mixing up my exercise plan. Now that I have clarified my post (:blushing:) does anyone have any suggestions?
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Remember that Rocky movie with Mr. T? He's doing sit-ups at the same time he's punching a speed bag: Do 15-20 situps, go half-way up, hit the speed bag, back and forth, 15-20 times, d0 15-20 situps, hit the speed bag again. Don't need a speed bag of course, just do the movements from side to side. I call them well, Mr. T's :smile: Kind of a guy thing though, maybe not for females. Good for the waist though. :smile:


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Start exercising! Walk about 2 miles per day, in the evening (during summer when weather is hot). Walking for 20 minutes increases the metabolism.

Also, situps are a good exercise, and leg-lifts. To do a leg-lift, one lies on one's back and raise the legs 12 inches (30 cm) above the ground. One can also raise the legs 90°, and lower legs sideways to the ground (twisting the torso). Repeat each exercise 10 times (in the beginning) and better 15-20 times as one progresses and the muscles become stronger.

With regard to situps, one can enhance it by not making contact with the ground, i.e. not taking the stress off the abdominal muscles during the exercise. A variation on the sit-up is to rotate the torso (or shoulders) 90° and touch the shoulder to the ground, while not relaxing the abdominal muscles. This is a more advanced exercise (used by athletes who throw javelin, discus, shot and by poll-vaulters) and should be done gently in the beginning.

As quasi426 pointed out, modifying one's diet can help. Avoid eating snacks between meals, especially processed foods with sugar and starch, and candy or cookies, with fat and sugar. Instead eat fresh fruit and vegetables like celery and carrots.
If you are already excercising plenty, then you might have room for improvement in the food intake area. Eat smaller meals and DON'T EAT any later than 3 hours before you sleep at night, if you do decide to eat a big meal before you sleep you might want to give yourself some more time. In terms of an excercise routine, try doing more cardio activities including what you are already doing. You can even skip or temporarily neglect strength training in order to burn more calories. I hope this helps, and its just not stuff you already know.

Disclaimer: Everyone deposits fat in a different places (butt, hips, thighs, tummy etc.) People also burn fat faster from certain areas, while others can be stubborn. Depending on your body you may lose weight and not really lose inches. Also situps will build your ab muscles but NOT help you lose fat off your belly.
Quasi, the sit-up thing...a few years ago before knew what I know now about them, I thought they would peel off the fat...I was VERY wrong. :rolf: I did them so often I could do 100 sit ups in a minute after three weeks of doing them. I did end up with some nice muscles though. :biggrin:

Astronuc, Thanks for the walking idea. I forgot about that because ever since my back went out roughly 8 months ago I stopped doing it everyday because the pain I have runs from my low back to my feet. I'm a bit better now thought. Perhaps it might be good to start walking the way I used to again.

Saltydog, that will be something awesome to add to my abs circuit. Thanks.

I hope I don't loose too much more weight. Only because I am pretty petite as it is so I'm underweight by like 2-3 lbs as it is. I like I said I've never had a weight problem I enjoy working out because it makes me feel good. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Keep them coming please.

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