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Acceleration and speed

  1. Apr 10, 2015 #1
    dumb question, but what effect does acceleration have per second?

    If a ball rolling at an acceleration of 2 m/s/s, and goees like that for 10 seconds, will it be 0m/s at second 0, 2 at 1, 4 at 2, and so on?
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    That's what (linear) acceleration means: an increase in speed over time.
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    Acceleration is the change in velocity per unit time. So if you have an acceleration of 2 m/s/s, your velocity after 10 seconds will be ##v_0 +20 m/s##. So if initial velocity is zero, then yes, just as you described.
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    Ah ok. So it litteraly works how it sound?


    Thanks. I didn't even finish browsing and you answered!

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