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Homework Help: Acceleration due to gravity using a compound pendulum experiment

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    I am required to plot a graph of l(1+L^2/12l^2) on the x axis and T^2 on the y axis.The graph must be a straight line through the origin.I got the following values for the l values on the x axis .57,.47,.37,.27,.17 and corresponding values of T^2 2.46,2.52,2.56,3.24,8.12.As you can see my values are totally off and do not give the necessary slope needed to give 9.8 when subbed into the formula g=4pi^2/slope.Please advise on how i would go about changing the values to suit as i'm unable to do the experiment again

    the original formula is T=2pi(sqr l/g) (1+L^2/12l^2)

    Big L is 1.2m

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    You should probably just use the results you have now and then comment on what made them so shoddy. Comment on uncertainties in the measurements and methods to improve your experiment. I think lecturers would prefer bad results with evidence that you've thought about the problems than good results.
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    the graph you should be plotting is L(T^2) against L^2 This should be approximatly a straight line, and the gradient should give you g, I think...
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    please tell me the errors that could be occur in the practical compound pendulum...?
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