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Acceleration Due to gravity

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    I need to prove the folowing statement. Can someone please help me as i am having trouble working out the formula needed to determine a value for acceleration. (This has to be proved as simply as possible, using things easily measured, ie Mass, time etc...

    Please help as soon as possible,
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    Gravitational force is given by

    [tex]F= \frac {GM_em} {r^2} [/tex]

    [tex]M_e=[/tex] the mass of the earth
    [tex]m=[/tex] the mass of some object
    [tex]r=[/tex] radius of the earth
    [tex]G=[/tex] The Gravitational constant.

    Newtons law

    [tex]F= ma[/tex]

    Use these two relationships to get an expression for the acceleration due to gravity.

    I am guessing that this is what you are asking for. Your question statement leaves a lot to be desired. It simply is not clear what you are asking.
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    The question i need to answer is:
    "Gather infomation using a wide variety of sources and carry out a simple first hand investigation to determine a value for acceleration due to gravity. Present this by:
    1)Including labeled diagram
    2)Showing a sample of simple calculations used
    3)Identifying Independant, Dependant and constant variables"

    The experiment i chose to perform is to drop a small ball froma height of 2meters. I time this, and then i was hoping to be able to answer the above question via this experiment

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